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Coconut Head: named after a nick-name given to me as a kid after I (willingly) got a baaaad bad bowlcut. oops!
Coconut Head is a collection of vintage finds, repurposed & up-cycled thrifts, and brand new original designs allllll made by me <3
My biggest goal with CH is to invent an open space for anyone of any size, age, race, gender or background to experiment and let loose with their personal style! The fashion industry can be extremely harsh and exclusive, and I want to create the exact opposite of that right here!! I focus on finding & creating funky pieces in a full size range and keeping the price affordable and reasonable for everyone to shop, while also keeping sustainability at the forefront of this biz.
Let me know what you think of our selection, and please reach out if you would like to get involved with this brand! I'd love to chat with you and I'm always looking for models, photographers, and other creatives to work with!
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