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Custom Order Info

Looking for a custom piece tailored to your body and exact wants? Opting for ethically and sustainably made clothing? Searching for a one-of-a-kind garment to spice up your closet? Well you’re in the right place! <3

Ordering custom made clothing & accessories with Coconut Head is a one-on-one design experience tailored to your every need 🧡

Here’s everything to know before placing a custom order:

Design Options:

  • Check out our Originals and Repurposed Vintage sections for inspo! I can remake any of my previous designs, or I can design something totally new - just 4 U!
  • If you see an item in our “Originals” and would like a replica, I am happy to recreate any of those pieces at or near the initial price point!
  • Want to create something new? I’m open to designing something totally new for you! Feel free to come to with me as little or as much detail as you’d like - I am open to any new ideas of yours, it can be as simple as a funky tote bag, or as detailed as a personalized uniform!
  • If you have an idea of your own, in addition to filling out the contact form, please email me any inspiration photos at wearcoconuthead@gmail.com.
  • With these custom orders, I will NOT be replicating work from any other designers. By placing a custom order with me, you are requesting my take and design aesthetic on the piece at hand.


  • Prices are always negotiable - I are happy to work with you to find a price point we are both comfortable with :)
  • Prices vary depending on the complexity of the piece and the materials required. Customers requesting secondhand materials can expect a lower cost, but a lengthier production time. Customers requesting new or dead stock materials can expect higher costs, with shorter production times.
  • A 30% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit will need to go through in order to officially confirm your order. The remaining amount will be expected upon completion of your item.


When filling the contact form below, PLEASE include the following in the “Message” box:

  • A brief description of the item you’re looking to have made.
  • Date you need the piece by - all custom orders need to be placed at least 2 months before they are needed, to make sure I can finish them in time. (For example, if you need an item by September 15, it must be ordered and approvedprior to July 15).
  • Budget
  • If you are able to meet in person for fittings - our studio is located in Providence, Rhode Island! If you are unable to meet in person, please let me know if you are comfortable meeting via FaceTime/Zoom for check-ins.

Once you have submitted a contact form you can expect to hear from me within 1 week. I will contact you with any questions along with a confirmation of your order, an estimated cost, and production time.

・゚: *:*★*:*:・゚

When you place a custom order with me, I am with you every step of the way to make sure the piece is exactly what you want. Each piece will be tailored to your body, and we will go over every single detail together. We can meet in person or via phone call/Facetime/Zoom to discuss the piece and go over rough ideas and sketches until you are completely satisfied. I am so excited to work with you - let’s make something funky!!